Where are Halozyme shares traded and what is the ticker symbol?

Halozyme’s common stock is publically traded on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol “HALO”.

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Can I purchase shares directly from Halozyme?


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What is Halozyme’s policy on dividends?

Halozyme does not pay a dividend on stock, and does not foresee doing so in the immediate future. Accordingly, Halozyme does not offer a DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Program).

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What is Halozyme’s fiscal year-end?

December 31.

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Who is Halozyme’s transfer agent?

Equiniti Group plc They can be reached at 303.282.4800 or https://equiniti.com/us/.

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What is a transfer agent and how do I contact them?

The transfer agent is responsible for maintaining all records of registered stockholders (include change of address, telephone number and name), canceling or issuing stock certificates and resolving problems related to lost, destroyed or stolen certificates. If your shares are held in Street name (i.e. by your broker), you must contact your broker for these services.

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I’ve lost my stock certificates. How can I replace them?

Contact Equiniti Group plc at 303.282.4800 or https://equiniti.com/us/. They can look up your records and make any necessary adjustment.

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What do I do if my address has changed?

If your shares are held in your name, you may contact 303.282.4800 or https://equiniti.com/us/. If your shares are held in Street name (by your broker), you must contact your broker to update your address.

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Who can I contact if I have questions or need more information?

Halozyme Therapeutics
11388 Sorrento Valley Road
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 858.794.8889
Fax: 858.704.8311
Email: ir@halozyme.com

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