Removing Traditional
Limitations on
Administering Therapies

Halozyme’s ENHANZE® drug delivery technology is based on our patented recombinant human hyaluronidase PH20 enzyme, rHuPH20, which locally degrades hyaluronan (HA) in the subcutaneous (SC) space. This allows for increased dispersion and absorption of co-administered therapies.

How the ENHANZE Drug Delivery Technology Works

ENHANZE technology degrades the HA around the injection site allowing large volumes (up to 300-600 mL and beyond) to be delivered in a single subcutaneous injection. Larger volume injections may allow some biologics and small-molecule drugs that are administered intravenously to be delivered subcutaneously potentially providing an improved patient experience by decreasing infusion times or reducing the need for multiple injections.

For more information, download Delivering a Volume of Benefits.


Halozyme has value-driving partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including Roche, Pfizer, Janssen, Baxalta, AbbVie, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Alexion and argenx for our ENHANZE® drug delivery technology. To learn more about our partners and business development opportunities, visit our Partnering page.


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