The mission of the Halozyme Translational & Predictive Medicine Collaboration Program is to advance the knowledge and understanding of Halozyme's products, with an initial focus on Oncology, in particular with Halozyme’s investigational drug, PEGPH20.

About the Translational & Predictive Medicine Collaboration Program

The Halozyme Translational & Predictive Medicine Collaboration Program is open to qualified researchers worldwide who are interested in a true collaboration on clinical biomarker analyses. Proposed research must address an appropriate medical or scientific question in the context of disease models and/or clinical biomarker studies to better understand disease biology, patient selection/stratification or to identify potential new indications for Halozyme products.

This program solicits studies relevant to elucidating disease biology (including intra-tumor heterogeneity, potential differences between primary and metastatic tumors in the same patient or changes in biomarker levels during disease progression), prevalence, the prognostic or predictive value of hyaluronan or potential other PEGPH20 mechanism-of-action-related biomarkers in tumor and/or blood samples. Of particular interest are studies in patient samples with well-characterized gene expression analyses and/or mutational genomic data.

Proposals for Halozyme’s HTI-1511 (anti-EGFR Antibody-Drug Conjugate) will also be considered.

Application & Submission Process

Applications to the program are reviewed on a regular basis by a committee of Halozyme medical and scientific staff. Support is provided based on the scientific merit and rigor of the proposal as well as whether it is in alignment with Halozyme’s areas of interest.

All Translational & Predictive Medicine proposals must be submitted by the applicant via this website. To be considered for review, applicants must complete the Translational Medicine Concept Proposal Form in its entirety. If funding is being requested, a top-line budget must be provided.

Submission of a proposal does not ensure approval. All proposals are carefully reviewed and funding decisions are based on criteria mentioned above. The validity and rigor of the study, confirmation that the study design meets ethical guidelines, intellectual property considerations, funding and support requested, experience of the investigator and the investigator’s site will also be taken into consideration. Applicant will be notified of funding decisions within 5 business days of Committee meetings. To initiate the submission process, please click to download the Halozyme Translational & Predictive Medicine Concept Proposal Form. To submit a completed Translational & Predictive Medicine Concept Proposal, please click on the Submission link.


Funding may be independent of institutional grant or private sources. Requests for funding may be made for partial monetary, in-kind and/or resource support from Halozyme.

Contact Us

If you wish to discuss your Translational & Predictive Medicine questions or ideas, please email us at requests@halozyme.com with your area of interest and we will provide you with an appropriate contact.

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