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Products & Pipeline

Our endocrinology development activity focuses on insulin, a mainstay of treatment for people with diabetes. This program combines our rHuPH20 hyaluronidase enzyme with mealtime analog insulin, a frequently prescribed, commercially successful pharmaceutical already approved and on the market. The primary goal of our Ultrafast Insulin program is to develop a best-in-class mealtime insulin in comparison to the current leading analogs on the market. We are applying our technology for use with insulin pumps and for mealtime insulin administration.

Ultrafast Insulin – Making Mealtime Insulin Better

Our clinical studies continue to demonstrate that the combination of currently available insulin products with our rHuPH20 enzyme results in more rapidly absorbed and faster-acting insulin with a shorter duration of effect and greater consistency from dose to dose. We believe that this faster, more reproducible action will address important unmet medical needs, such as better and more consistent glycemic control with less hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, and less weight gain. These potential benefits would be significant but must first be demonstrated and proven in clinical development.

Many patients with diabetes require intensive insulin therapy to control their blood glucose, to essentially mimic the blood glucose control achieved in people without diabetes. Most patients inject a long-acting insulin once daily to provide their basal insulin requirements for overnight and between meals, and inject a rapid acting insulin before each meal to control mealtime or mealtime blood glucose rises. Alternatively, some patients deliver a rapid acting insulin by pump to provide both their basal and mealtime insulin needs.

Halozyme’s “Ultrafast Insulin” programs are investigating the use of our rHuPH20 hyaluronidase enzyme in novel formulations with faster-acting insulin analogs for the treatment of diabetes and also for use with insulin pumps. The primary goal of our Ultrafast Insulin programs is to develop best-in-class mealtime insulin therapies. Our clinical studies demonstrate that combining the rHuPH20 enzyme results in more rapid absorption and a faster onset and shorter duration of insulin action than the currently marketed formulations of the same insulin analogs. In clinical studies, data indicate that this more responsive insulin leads to better glucose control. We believe that this ultrafast insulin profile may provide best-in-class mealtime insulin coverage for patients using intensive insulin therapy to manage their diabetes.

A more natural response

The use of PH20 in conjunction with analog insulin before meal times may result in a faster, more natural, absorption of insulin at meal-time. By mimicking the body’s natural response more closely, Analog Insulin - PH20 may help people with diabetes to better control their glucose levels.